AW 2020 Collection

Inspiration while I was designing:

Leonard Cohen “Happens to the heart” Nowness..freedom, flow..silence
Set design by Shona Heath (Tim Walker V&A exhibition)..abstract art, black and white, out of proportion ..
Book -Lucian Freud portraits ...layers
Marc Chagall The red Jew..the red dress
Black tape roller
Flow...raw edges
Definitely these all above contribute while I was designing the rest I do not know ..
I do not have a mood board ,or title off the to be honest I start with the sketches most of the time or sometimes I can just start cutting the fabric and after the collection is finished I come up with the inspiration..I know is weird but then I realise where I got some or most of the ideas...

There is a lot of intense work going on for each garment, as there is a lot of experimatation and hand stitching before finishing the garment. 
To me is very important to be have a dialogue with the seamstresses and pattern cutter who makes the dresses. There is also this idea in my work to give different options to one with the possibility to remove one part or details in the dress in gives to it different functions and looks.
I use finest natural fabric like.. silk and organic cotton. The details for me give this sense of movement, infinity ...flow to each garments..and the detail is what makes each dress unique.

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